Why Seagate Backup Plus is read only and I can’t write to it on Mac?

Seagate external drives, and for that matter most common external drives, are sold in two different packages – one that fits Windows users and one that fits Mac users. The most popular models from Seagate are: Seagate Backup Plus, Seagate Expansion external drive and Seagate Sevenᵐᵐ drive.

The main difference between these lines of products is the file system which the drive is preformatted with. For Windows users, the drive will be formatted with the Microsoft NTFS file system format. For Mac users, the drive will be formated with the Mac OS extended (Journaled) file system, also known as HFS+.

You should know, that Mac computers such as Macbook Pro and iMac, can only read NTFS drives but not write to them out of the box. Also, Windows cannot read HFS+ formatted drives. So therefore, it’s important that you’ll consider these facts before making a purchase of one of the models.

But what if you used the external drive with Windows in the past and now want to use it with Mac? Or maybe you have both Windows and Mac computers and you want to use the external drive on both of them? Well, the operating systems do not provide any built-in features to do that, so you’ll need a third party software.

The most common practice is to get your hands on a driver that will allow you to write to NTFS drives on your Mac computer. So that way, you keep your drive formatted with NTFS, which is very common, and you’ll be able to edit / add files on both your Windows and Mac computers. We can humbly recommend our easy to use software, which will allow you to seamlessly mount any external drive to Mac computers, with full read / write access, without any limitations.

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