How to mount NTFS drive and enable writing on Mac OS Sierra?

So you’re probably reading this article because you tried to use your external drive with all your data in your Mac computer, but came to the conclusion that no matter what, Mac will only allow you to list the files and read the content, but not add / edit files in the drive.

By default, Mac OS doesn’t support writing to external drives formatted with the NTFS file system, which is Windows’s default file system. You can read about the reasons here.

So what can we do? There are several possible solutions:

  1. If you don’t really care about the data in that drive, you can just format the drive with a file system that Mac supports, such as HFS.
  2. You can backup the files to another drive, format the drive to HFS and then re-add the files to the drive. Please note that this might create the opposite problem – you’ll be able to use the drive on Mac now, but won’t be able to use it on Windows. So if your goal is to use the drive on both Windows & Mac, this is not the way to go.
  3. If you do care about your data and want full support for both Windows and Mac OS, you need a more creative solution, which will allow you to write to NTFS, even though Mac doesn’t officially and natively support it. To do that, we can humbly suggest that you’ll use our solution – Mirvago NTFS Mac Mounter. It will enable seamless full support to read and write to NTFS drive on Mac.
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